Dropshipping Made Simple

Drophaus will help you find oversea vendors, conduct on-ground quality inspections, product customization, and order fulfillment to your customers around the world.

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How It Works

Drophaus identifies the best supplier for your product and perform a 5 point inspection and negotiation on your behalf through our team in China

We purchase inventory for you to be stored at our facility in China and ship your orders through our USPS affiliated logistics channel, and only bill you for the orders that you sell.

This allows you to increase your business’s cash flow as they are not tied up in unsold inventory, and help you focus on what you do best: run your business.

Drophaus covers the upfront cost of inventory, storage, and fulfillment from our warehouse, and allows you to scale your cash flow with lowered risk!

Use Drophaus For

Quality Control
and Inspection

Product Cost

Risk Mitigation

Enhance Customer Satisfaction