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The Holy Meme Bible Became the Best Selling Adult Coloring Book of 2016

featured in shopify blog

HMB is a product created under the product lab Dank Tank, and is one of its flagship products. Holy Meme Bible is an annual edition coloring book for memes. Inspired by the constant changing digital trends and the Internet culture around us, Meme Bible is the yearbook to document the year’s most iconic memories. The Holy Meme Bible was one of Shopify’s fastest growing store in 2016. It has been featured on a number of publications such as Forbes, Shopify Masters, Business Insiders, Daily Beast, Chian Daily, and more. It comes in paperback, hardcover, and even different ‘flavors’ like Spicy, Organic, and Vegan.

Drop a Hint into the Bathtub

Featured in buzzfeed

The meme product lab by Wonghaus was inspired to design this bath bomb after the viral meme phrase “send nudes”. Dank Tank partnered with a number of bath bomb manufacturers in the USA to develop unique colors and scents for Dank Tank’s various bath bomb designs. Dank Tank also designed and produced the 3D-printed mold used for the bath bomb manufacturing process.

Ramen and Condoms has Never Gone This Far

featured in
Hong Kong’s largest newspaper, Singtao Daily.

After seeing a meme involving a man being accused of cheating because his ramen seasoning packet looked too similar to a used condom wrapper. The ramen noodle condom became a major hit and was featured on a number of TV interviews.

Memes + Charades = Memebanz

Featured in buzzfeed

In 2018, Dank Tank, the meme product lab by Wonghaus, was inspired to design this product after watching an episode from the Office TV show, where all the employees had to go through racial sensitivity training. The game took over 5 months to develop and another 2 months to produce. It features 104 meme cards from the past 20 years with plans to introduce expansion packs in 2019.

The Most Comfortable Lashes, Ever

made with love

Taking it Back to Nature.
We believe that makeup should be an extension of your natural beauty, so we crafted the perfect pair of lashes that combine the gentleness of Korean Silk hair with the weightlessness of fresh cotton band that makes you look and feel like it's a part of you.

The lash cotton band is cut at the thickness that allows it to stay in shape after over a dozen wears while keeping our signature weightless comfort. No irritation, no heavy feelings on your eyes - just a smooth an unforgettable experience that makes you want to have Doe-like eyes, every single day.



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