5 Ways to Improve Customer Service for eCommerce

As per the Microsoft State of Global Service Report, most customers (precisely 61% of them) see customer service as a critical part of a business's success.  

The amazing customer service experience helps customers be loyal to the brand and bring more sales in repeat purchases. However, a poor customer service experience not only brings negative reviews for the business but also damages the reputation of the brand and disgruntled customers.

Another survey showed that about 60% of the customer said they stopped buying from a company because of their poor customer service experience. This figure even increases between the ages of 18-34, which is a good chunk of eCommerce buyers.

Some estimates suggested that it is five times more costly in terms of cost to find new customers than to retain existing ones.

What is eCommerce Customer Service?

Ecommerce customer service is how online businesses assist customers with everything from making online purchase decisions to resolving issues — all while creating a seamless customer experience across channels and platforms.

Amazon is one company that genuinely nailed the customer service part of their eCommerce business.

Amazon is considered one of the most customer-centric companies globally because it maintains high customer-satisfaction since its inception. Therefore, to win over customer trust, every eCommerce business should adopt Amazon’s customer service strategy.

The customer expects even more now.

With each passing day, the customer expects more from a business. In this day and age, the customer expects convenience as well as instant results.

In a recent HubSpot survey, 90 out of 100 customers think that quick response from customer service is “important,” and some considered it “very important”.

The brands and eCommerce stores that offer exceptional customer service always comes on top. Let’s dig at some of the strategies that can help you lift your eCommerce customer service.

Develop a Multichannel Strategy

You should know where your customers are. Email, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever the case may be, you should resolve their problems.

When you create multichannel for your customers, let them know that you are available on these channels to help them. The sole purpose of creating these channels to resolve your customer problems so timely response and high-quality customer service is the key here.

As an eCommerce business, your prime goal is to make your customer happy. You should give them the sense that you consider your customers as a pivotal part of your business.  

Always Use Professional Language

Often, the tone of the language matters a lot, especially when it comes to customer service. While writing or talking to your customers, you need to make sure that you keep your calm and use a positive attitude while responding to your customers.

Always use a direct and professional approach while talking to your customer. If you have bad news for them, then you don’t have to sugarcoat it. You need to convey the bad news to your customer but at the same time, maintain a formal approach.

For example, if a customer has ordered an out-of-stock item then a system-generated email won’t be enough to satisfy your client. You need to tell the customer when the out-of-stock item will again available in stock. If possible, suggest to them an alternate product or offer them 5% or 10% discount code for their next order to feel good about this whole situation.

Provide Important Information to Customers Online

Some customers don’t want to directly contact customer support and try to find answers by going through the website. To provide accurate and complete information to your customers, ensure that all the required information like payment and billing, return policies, and delivery information is available on your website. You may also add a FAQ page on your website with the required information. Listening to your customers is essential. Creating FAQ questions is based on actual problems and experiences your existing customers have had.

Having quality FAQs will reduce the number of customer inquiries you receive.

Keep Track of First Response Time

As more businesses transition online, they usually lag behind when it comes to responses. Typically everyone emailing expects a resolution within 24 hours.

Your first response time should be less than 8 hours, and your resolution time should be 48 hours. If you're using existing software for customer service, it's simple to track this metric and other important metrics.

The happier your customer, the less likely they will cause problems.

Offer Live Chat Support

If you enable the Live Chat option on your website then it will not only help your existing customers but it will attract more sales as well. Research shows that if a prospective customer gets an instant answer to their query then there is a 60% more chance to get an order form this customer.

As a customer support agent can handle multiple customers simultaneously on chat support, it’s a less expensive option than phone support.  

However, keep in mind that you must be prompt with responses if you decide to offer live chat support. With live chat, people expect a response within a few minutes. Don't provide another channel of help if someone isn't monitoring it regularly.


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